Clark Lane
Full Name: Clark Lane
Gender: Male   Male
Age: 18
Status: Alive
 First Appearance:
 Last Appearance:
 Keep the Peace (Part 2)

Clark is Ed and Sophie Lane's oldest child, and Isabel Lane's older brother. .

Characteristics and happeningsEdit

Clark often differs from his father. He likes playing the cello while Ed likes rock music.

Clark is caught in the bombing at City Hall during "Keep the Peace". His father, Ed, finds him using the GPS on his phone and helps in bringing him to safety. Clark has a broken leg, wrist, and a lot of scratches, but is alright in the end.


Dean ParkerEdit

His Father is on the show, Clark and Dean Parker are good friends. In "Lawmen", they are both at work with their fathers and leave the police car to get a closer look. In the end, they obtain valuable information about a police officer and saved a man's life, but they are still in trouble because they did not follow orders.

In "Keep the Peace (Part 1)" they are hanging out downtown because they have a day off from school, but Clark leaves to get a permit for a party at city hall.

Hobbies Edit

Clark plays the piano and the cello.

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