Isabel Lane
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Full Name: Isabel Lane
Nickname(s): Izzy
Gender: Female   Female
Age: 3
Born: Episode:Personal Effects
Toronto, Canada
Status: Alive
 First Appearance:
 Episode:Personal Effects
 Last Appearance:
 Episode:Keep The Peace, Part II

Isabel Lane the daughter of Ed and Sophie Lane and she's the younger sister of Clark.

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Isabel (Right) and her mother Sophie


Isabel Lane is three years old. She last appears in Keep The Peace, Part II when Ed calls Sophie during the bombings.


Isabel was born in Personal Effects via C-section in Toronto, Canada. Ed introduces her to Team One at the end of the episode.


Isabel's nickname is Izzy



Clark Lane - Older brother.

Clark became jealous of his little sister after being an only child for fourteen years.


Ed and Sophie Lane.

Isabel helped Ed be with his family more. Ed nearly missed Isabel's birth in Personal Effects as a result of being shot.

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