Amy Jo Johnson portrays Julianna Callaghan. Amy Jo is also well remembered for her roles as Kimberly Ann Hart in the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as Julie Emrick on the WB's college drama, Felicity and as Stacy Renolds in The Division. Amy Jo was born October 6th, 1970 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, and is now living in Toronto, Canada with her husband Oliver Giner (married 2010) and her daughter Francesca Chistine Giner (born December 1, 2008). Amy is the only non-Canadian actor starring in Flashpoint when it began and has acquired her Canadian citizenship.[1].

Amy Jo is currently pursuing her music career and independent film making, and was a recurring character on Covert Affairs.[2] She and Michael Cram reunited in the Covert Affairs episode, "Silence Kit" and both of them have been involved in Johnson's short film, The Space Between.[3]


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