Lewis Young
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D

Constable Lewis Young

Nickname(s): Lou
Gender: Male   Male
Died: 2009
College Campus
Status: Killed in Action by Landmine
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Police Officer   Metro Police   Constable
            ●     SRU       Team One Badge Number 1902
 Portrayed by: Mark Taylor
 First Appearance:
 Last Appearance:
 One Wrong Move
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Lewis "Lou" Young was a member of SRU Team One. He specialized in less-lethal weaponry, psychological profiling, and bomb diffusion/demolition. He often manned the command truck and acted as Sergeant Parker's second. Lou easily understood the mentality of gang members due to his upbringing, though whether he was involved in a gang prior to joining law enforcement is unconfirmed. Unfortunately, Lou loses his life to a landmine in season 2. His death seriously affects Team One, and though he is lost, he is never forgotten.


While not much is known about Lou's personal life, it is known that he was raised in close contact to gang activity. In Who's George, Lou reveals that he knows a renowned gang leader/bank thief personally, and the reason he gives for this acquaintance is that "it takes a village". In other words, a child cannot be raised by his parents alone and is also raised by his surroundings - Lou grew up near gang influence, though there is no evidence that he had ever been involved in gangs himself.

In the SRU, Lou and Spike became best friends. The two balanced each other out: Spike was more outgoing and unpredictable, while Lou was more reserved and calm. Either way, the two were inseparable, both on the field and during downtime. The two would call jokingly call each other when working overtime and even went on vacations together. For example, Lou and Spike went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, together, and during the trip, Lou acted as Spike's wingman.

In One Wrong Move, Lou requests Spike's permission to begin work on diffusing a bomb planted on a university campus before Spike arrived on scene. Unfortunately, the area surrounding the bomb had been booby trapped with CR-38 land mines, a Russian bounding, anti-tank explosive. Even though Lou successfully disarms the bomb, Spike becomes increasingly agitated as his every attempt to disarm the land mine fails. When Spike decides to attempt a water weight transfer as a last ditch effort, Lou realizes that attempting it could result in both of their deaths. After calling his parents to tell them he loves them, Lou steps off the land mine and sacrifices himself to protect his friend. Lou's last words, directed to Spike, are "It's gonna be okay."

Lou's death seriously affects the team, but he is inevitably replaced by Leah Kerns. Even still, he is not forgotten. A memorial plaque dedicated to Lou is hung on his locker, and at the end of the series, when his teammates are meeting for the last time as members of Team One, they drink a toast to Lou, and to deceased Team Three member Donna Sabine.


  • Mark Taylor, the actor who portrays Lou, is mistakenly credited in the opening sequence to Coming To You Live even though his character died four episodes earlier.
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