May Dalton
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
May Dalton

May Dalton

Full Name: May Dalton
Gender: Female   Female
Died: 2012
Status: Deceased
 Portrayed by: Brooke Palsson
 First Appearance:
 Template:Broken Peace
 Last Appearance:
 Template:Broken Peace
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May is a character who appeared in Episode:Broken Peace.


Team one receives a hot call about May’s father, who kidnapped her boyfriend to find out where her mother (his ex-wife) works. The team takes a panicking May to the hotel where her mother works. As the team tries to locate her parents, May stays in the truck with Spike. She begs to be able to listen to the conversation her parents are having, which Greg allows after long thought.

The situation escalates when May’s father takes her mother to the roof of the hotel, where he’s very violent about not being able to contact May. The team wants to shut May out of the conversation, but she demands to be allowed to talk to her after, saying she’s the only one who can get through to him. The team is hesitant, but finally agrees that May is probably the only one who can calm her father down.

Jules explains to her that she needs to focus on her father and herself. Despite May’s attempts, her father shows more anger towards her mother. May asks Jules why the team is not stopping him from attacking her mother. Jules explains that the team has to use lethal force when they step in. Raf advises her not to give up on words.

May pulls out a gun. She walks away from the team, shouting at her father to leave her mother alone. The team tries to get through to her and get her to put the weapon down. May is not responding to the team or her mother and keeps walking to her father. She fires twice, but misses. When she raises her weapon a third time, Ed warns Greg that she’s gonna kill her father this time.
Greg calls Scorpio and Ed shoots immediately, killing May. 

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