Natalie Braddock

Natalie Braddock as portrayed by Rachel Skarsten.

Full Name: Natalie Braddock
Nickname(s): Natty
Gender: Female   Female
Status: Alive
 Portrayed by: Rachel Skarsten
 First Appearance:
 Personal Effects
 Last Appearance:
 Blue On Blue
List of Appearances
Natalie Braddock is one of Sam Braddock's two younger sisters. She first appears in the season four premiere, Personal Effects, and continues to reappear throughout the season. Natalie's personality appears to be the complete opposite of her brother even though they were raised together. While Sam is hardworking and disciplined, Natalie is free-spirited and irresponsible. While Sam earns everything he has, Natalie charms her way through life.

In the past, Natalie went on a world tour, and during her time in Colombia, she became romantically involved with a man named David Fleming who turned out to be a drug trafficker and packed drugs in Natalie's suitcase when she was preparing to fly back to Canada.

Both she and David were arrested, but thanks to General Braddock pulling some strings, Natalie was released.

As Sam says, "Trouble has a way of finding her."

Natalie first appears in the series when she moves to Toronto to look for a job. She winds up imposing on her brother in many ways. Natalie moves into Sam's apartment without much warning and does things like use his PayPal account to buy professional clothes without Sam's permission. She is shameless.

When Natalie first meets Spike, her interest in him is immediate. The two date briefly, but in Blue On Blue, Spike ends the relationship because he doesn't want it to affect his working/friendly relationship with Sam. On the same day, Natalie is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend David who has returned. Natalie is bound to a chair and David tapes her mouth. Spike leaves the team to help her and ends up becoming a hostage when David threatens to kill Natalie.

To buy time, Spike agrees to help David and his partner pull off the heist.

After they are rescued by Team One, their relationship is once again brought into question when she kisses him on the cheek, and they hug. However, it seems to be a goodbye kiss, and the two remain friends, with a lingering possibility for more.

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Season 4:

Trivia Edit

  • When Natalie is first introduced, Jules mistakenly assumes that she is Sam's new girlfriend.
  • In Run, Jaime, Run, it is revealed that neither Braddock sibling knows how to cook. However, after Natalie tells Sam that he should learn, he apparently does, because in Blue On Blue, Sam says he'll "cook her a nice dinner" after the ordeal she went through.
  • Natalie does not attend her brother's wedding.
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