The key SRU Terminology:

  • Scorpio: As it says, authorisation to use deadly force/to shoot
  • No Joy: Nothing/Not there/Unsuccessful
  • Twenty: Abbreviation of 10-20, police code for location/situation.[1]
  • Sierra One/Two: The code for the snipers.
  • Escalate/De-escalate: The situation is more tense/hostile or less tense/calm. Usually when the subject is escalating, it means he/she is getting ready to kill.
  • Solution: The target accurately acquired. "Have the solution" is more commonly used. This can be mentioned by a sniper or any of the team holding a weapon.
  • Stealth approach: Approach silently and cautiously so as not the let people esclate.
  • Stay frosty: distress code//help amber
  • No harm: used in the show when an explosion goes off or gunfire is heard and it is unclear the status of one or more members of the team. It means exactly what it says, there are no injuries.


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