Sophie Lane
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Full Name: Sophie Lane
Gender: Female   Female
Status: Alive
 Last Appearance:
 Episode:Keep The Peace, Part II
List of Appearances

Sophie is generally a very supportive spouse, and puts up with Ed's heavy workload for much of the marriage. However, her patience for this lessened during her pregnancy with Isabel. The first real indication that she was unhappy came during the events of 'Unconditional Love', where Ed's brother, Roy, disobeys an order to hang back, and his partner is killed. Ed was supposed to have been with Sophie for her first sonogram, but goes with the team to respond to the call, much to her frustration and disappointment. Sophie eventually makes the decision to leave Ed for the duration of her pregnancy, and takes Clark with her. In "I'd Do Anything", Ed reveals to Greg that Sophie has issued an ultimatum: he must choose between the family and the job. Later in "Fault Lines", Sophie goes into labor while Team 1 is undergoing their routine re-qualification and psychological evaluations. It is a very difficult labor for Sophie and the baby is in distress. Ed leaves in the middle of his psych evaluation to be with his wife. On the way to the hospital, Ed is shot in an apparent case of road rage. He refuses treatment in order to be with Sophie as she delivers Isabel. Sophie's final appearance is in 'Keep the Peace, Pt. 2', as she learns that her son, Clark, has been caught in one of the bombings. Ed is able to find him, and he reassures her that while Clark is hurt, he's safe.



Sophie moves in with her parents, taking Clark with her, while pregnant with Isabel.


She is married to Ed Lane. They have been married for seventeen years and have two children.


She is a mother to Clark and Isabel Lane

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