Team Leader is a position within a SRU Team. The Team Leader usually works with the Team Sergeant to plan the SRU mission whether it is a hard tactical entry, negotiation or other means. The Team Leader may lead from the front or stay behind in the truck. In SRU Team One, Ed Lane has been the team leader and held this position for five years. Upon Sergeant Gregory Parker's retirement, Ed was promoted to Team Sergeant. It is not known who is the new Team One Team Leader towards the end, although it is suspected to be Jules.

Other known Team Leaders were Donna Sabine (Season 4 to Season 5 until killed in the line of duty] and Sam Braddock (promoted to Team Leader in SRU Team Three at the end).

Trivia/Goof: Team Leader may be a leadership role, yet all Team Leaders (Ed, Donna and later Sam) were Constables, the same rank as the rest of the SRU Team and SRU Despatchers such as Winnie Camden and Kira Marlowe. There was no rank distinction amongst the Constables made in the series. However, it should be noted that the SRU was modeled after the real-life Toronto ETF (Emergency Task Force). All members of that elite unit must have achieved the rank of Constable, First Class (there are four classes within the rank of Constable, with fourth being the the rank of lowest seniority). It could therefore be assumed that Kira Marlowe and Winnie Camden were Class Four Constables while the members of the SRU teams were Class One Constables.

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