Gender: Male   Male
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Police Officer   Metro Police   Sergeant
            ●     SRU       Team Four
 ●   Police Officer   Metro Police   Sergeant
            ●     SRU       Team Three
 Portrayed by: Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
 First Appearance:
 Haunting The Barn
 Last Appearance:
 Follow The Leader
List of Appearances

Sgt. Troy (Surname unknown) is the Team Sergeant of Team Four. In Haunting the Barn, he was Team Sergeant of Team Three. Very little is known about Troy. We known from Haunting the Barn he knew Sergeant Rangford, as well as Gregory Parker and Ed Lane for a while. In that episode, he assisted them in preventing Rangford from shooting himself.

In Episode:Follow The Leader, Troy reappears and leads SRU Team Four in taking down a White Supremacist Group. Troy accidentally triggered a trip wire, thus alerting he group although Team One and Team Four eventually shot and arrested the group members.

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