Victor Ackland is a former soldier and leader of a white supremacist group

When he was young, Ackland could not get a job due to the rise in immigrants. His father, who also harboured white supremacist beliefs, told him to do something about it. Sometime after he was discharged from the military for bad conduct, Ackland formed a white supremacist group out of teenage Caucasian boys, teaching them survival skills.

In 2010, Ackland planned on making a statement on Citizenship Day, a multicultural event. His plan involved planting anti-personnel bombs across Toronto, taking out "the enemy." However, Danny Butler, whose brother Trent was a devoted member of the cult, called 911. After the SRU raided Ackland's base, only he, his right-hand Jeff and Trent escaped. While Trent and Jeff went to plant their bombs at City Hall, Ackland decided to take revenge on Danny, after learning that he had an African-Canadian girlfriend named Kelly. Using Danny's cellphone, which he confiscated, he texted Kelly, pretending to be Danny, tricking her into taking the bomb to the location of Citizenship Day, just before Ed and Wordy tracked him down. Ackland refused to divulge where he sent Kelly. However, the team was able to deduce where he sent her and disarmed his bomb. As uniforms hauled him away, Ackland spotted Trent, who was also arrested, and raised his arms, encouraging him to carry on his beliefs. However, Trent had a look of disgust on his face after realizing that Ackland intended to sacrifice all his followers for the sake of his cause.

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